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Full-Day Workshop

Seminar: Certificate in Autism

Autism is a complicated neurobiological situation that continues to baffle families and professionals every day. There is so much that we already know, though also so much we do not know yet. Join Maude as she carefully unfolds the different layers of Autism and look at key components in understanding these complexities. She will take you on a journey through assessment and treatment while sharing case video of different ranges on the spectrum from mild, moderate to severe. The professional will feel empowered to engage in treatment with new tools for assessment and new ideas for treatment. Maude’s approach is a strength-based model that shows respect and dignity towards the autistic, while also mobilizing them into becoming the best versions of themselves they could be. This will be workshop you will not want to miss!

Dates:14 to 18 Mar 2022 (Mon to Fri)
Time:9.00am – 1.30pm (Mon – Thu),
9.00am – 12.00pm (Fri) (Singapore Standard Time GMT+0800)
Venue:Live Online Training
Speaker: Maude Le Roux OTR/L, IMC, SIPT, CTC, DIR-FT International Trainer

Maude Le Roux is a familiar face to us in Singapore as she continues to inspire us with new learning, impacting on our intervention with children and adults. Her workshops are popular and previous feedback included much praise. Maude was born and raised in South Africa and graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town in 1984. Maude and Charl Le Roux moved to the USA in 1993 and opened A Total Approach in September 2001. Maude is SIPT certified and specializes in Sensory Integration services as it applies to functional activities of daily living, including improving the ability of children / students of all ages to partake in his/her learning environment.

Maude uses the practice of Sensory Integration in her center as a base for all her work. She designs her own live courses with regards to Autism and the impact on functional performance, activities of daily living, including the impact on academic performance. Maude works with a team of occupational therapists and speech language pathologists in her center She is well known for her experience and work with children who carry a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum, Attachment, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Dyslexia/ Learning Disabilities. She is a mentor to many therapists, including OT and DIR professionals internationally. She opened The Maude Le Roux Academy online in January 2019. Maude has presented at conferences in a variety of settings across the US and also internationally. She has co-authored the book, The Listening Journey, with Francoise Nicoloff, and her second book, Our Greatest Allies, is now available on Amazon.com.

Course Outline

Day 1:

09.00 to 11.00amASD Classification and Components
11.00 to 11.30amBreak
11.30 to 13.00pmDifferent Theories Explained

Day 2:

09.00 to 11.00amDIR/Floortime Theory
11.00 to 11.30amBreak
11.30 to 13.00pmSensory Processing Considerations

Day 3:

09.00 to 11.00amAssessment Tools
11.00 to 11.30amBreak
11.30 to 13.00pmAssessment lab in breakout room

Day 4:

09.00 to 11.00amIntervention
11.00 to 11.30amBreak
11.30 to 13.00pmIntervention lab in breakout room

Day 5:

09.00 to 10.30amCase study through video and clinical discussion
10.30 to 10.45amBreak
10.45 to 12.00pmCase study through video and clinical discussion
Course Objectives

Participants will be able to :

  • Explain different theories related to the Autism Spectrum
  • List the 6 developmental levels of Dr. Stanley Greenspan
  • Apply at least 4 principles of intervention to influence social-emotional processing in autistic persons
  • Recognize the importance of considering Theory of Mind (ToM) when planning intervention related to social perspective taking
  • Prioritize 8 elements of sensory processing relevant to the diagnostic classification of Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • List different standardized assessment tools for assessing Autism
  • Analyze through video 6 functional emotional developmental capacities to support clinical understanding to drive intervention planning.
  • Use created forms created specifically for this workshop to view and analyze data through video observation
  • Develop clinical thinking through viewing case studies and intervention sessions
  • Consider multiple intervention ideas to support achieving goals and outcomes across the spectrum of Autism
Who Can Benefit?

Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Educators, Researchers, Neuropsychologists, Educational Psychologists.


Maude is an excellent instructor. I love her ability to make the participants feel included even through an online platform. She creates an atmosphere where everyone can feel safe to participate in discussions and provide support with clinical reasoning to build the bridge from theory to practice. I really enjoy attending her courses.
Leandra Van Deventer - Emirates

I am still a novice in the world of therapy, but I feel that the knowledge I gain from Maude’s training is tremendously rich and helpful. It gives me a treasure for helping my clients, and more and more confidence in what I am doing.
Alina Burrah – Israel

Every single member of our team has not stopped talking about how invaluable this course was. In fact, pieces from the course are quoted daily by our staff in the classrooms and on the corridors. It has really refreshed our approach at looking at things and reminded us about the importance of understanding the why. Thank you for all you do in helping us step into the world of these incredible minds. It really is a blessing to learn from you and alongside you!
Kirstin Price – South Africa

Course Fees & Closing Dates
Registration Type Closing Date Fees (S$) per pax
31 Jan 2022 1,100
Normal Till Full 1,200