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Half-Day Workshop

Seminar: The Female Profile of Autism: A new protocol for assessment and strategies

Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in females has been a challenge for many years due to the lack of understanding and recognition of their complex characteristics. Dr. Hénault has been involved in developing guidelines to address the problem of diagnosing ASD in females (co-written with Pr. Tony Attwood, V. Pasin & B. Wicker, 2020). During her presentation, she will discuss different strategies to address the needs for education, intervention and services dedicated to females with ASD.

Dates:6 Sep 2024 (Fri)
Time:8.00am - 11:00am (Singapore Standard Time GMT+0800)
Venue:Live Online Training
Speaker: Dr Isabelle Hénault

Dr Isabelle Hénault, is the Director of the Autism & Asperger's Clinic at Montreal. She is a sexologist and psychologist from the University of Québec at Montréal, Canada. Her practice and studies have focused on providing diagnosis, education and support to children, adolescents, adults and couples living with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. Dr. Hénault has developed a relationship and sex education program and works with individuals and groups to increase their understanding of sexuality and conducts relationship counselling. Asperger Syndrome and Sexuality was her first publication (with Jessica Kingsley Publisher in 2005). She is presently collaborating on numerous international research initiatives involving socio-sexual education, interpersonal relationships and gender identity. Dr. Hénault is the co-author of The Autism Spectrum, Sexuality and the Law (Attwood, Hénault & Dubin) published by Jessica Kingsley Publisher, London (2014). In 2020 she published a book that was co-authored on the Female profile of Asperger syndrome (Hénault & Martin) at Chenelière Education.

Course Outline
8.30amPathways to the diagnostic & characteristics of the female profile of ASD
9.30amAssessment questionnaires and the Clinical Guide
10.15amNew research & reference material
Course Objectives
  • Understand the female characteristics, including social camouflaging
  • Access the new Clinical Guide and explore the content & questions
  • Identify adapted strategies and resources dedicated for girls & women with ASD
Who Can Benefit?

This course is suitable for anyone working or suspecting ASD in girls and adult women. It will be of interest to teachers / educators, teaching assistants / aids, speech and language, therapists, occupational therapists, and psychologists.

Course Fees & Closing Dates
Registration Type Closing Date Fees (S$)/pax
5 Jul 2024 200
Normal Till Full 280