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**UTAP funding approved: Course Code C11901408

Full-Day Workshop

Seminar: ADHD, Sensory Processing, and Dysgraphia

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a common diagnosis in pediatric practice today. Attention deficit can be a diagnosis, but it can also be a symptom of underlying neural inefficiency. As we dig deeper into sensory processing, we discover multiple facets that forms part of a developmental hierarchy that enables us to use clinical reasoning in both assessment and intervention. Dr. Russell Barkley and Dr. Edward Hallowell stress the importance of self-regulation and self-reflection as key components to consider, both of which overlaps into sensory processing practice. This 1-day workshop will showcase the use of the sensory processing lens when assessing and planning intervention for the different components of ADHD, including a look at the learning disability of dysgraphia that frequently coincides with ADHD. Theory will be made practical through multiple treatment ideas and illustrated through video and discussion. Both the clinical and school therapist will feel supported by this journey into ADHD.

Dates:31 May 2024 (Fri)
Time:9.00am - 5.00pm (Singapore Standard Time GMT+0800)
Venue:Live Online Training
Speaker: Maude Le Roux OTR/L, ADHD-RSP, SIPT, CTC, DIR-FT Expert Trainer

Maude Le Roux is an occupational therapist with an extensive following of professionals across the globe. She studies human development in different capacities of growth; spanning ages and stages, neuroanatomy, assessment tools as well as current trends of intervention. She completed the SIPT training in 2002 and Sensory Integration forms the foundation from which she continues to develop different tracks of assessment and intervention. Maude is certified in multiple different techniques that she applies uniquely through her Developmental Pathways Model (DPM). She owns and directs a clinical practice in Glen Mills, PA, where she has a team of dedicated professionals, many of whom had been with her over 10 years as well as being with her since inception of her practice in 2001.She acquired her certification for specialty in ADHD during 2021. She gives back to her community by serving on different boards and currently serves on the Board of Directors for ATTACh, a national organization dedicated to serve families and children with attachment related difficulties and trauma informed care. She co-authored the book “Our Greatest Allies” in 2011 with Lauren O’Malley describing the journey of one autistic child.

Course Outline
09.00 to 10.30 amADHD Components and Concepts
10.30 to 11.00 am Morning Break
11.00 to 12.30 pmSensory Processing Hierarchy
12:30 to 01:30 pm Lunch
01:30 to 03.00 pmDysgraphia
03.00 to 03.15 pm Afternoon Break
03.15 to 05:00 pmIntervention
Course Objectives
  1. List at least 3 components of ADHD that impact clinical reasoning
  2. Describe at least 3 types of attention difficulties to be targeted in therapy
  3. Describe multiple strategies to accommodate for decreased executive functions
  4. Summarize a 7-step developmental hierarchy to consider in therapy
  5. Consider the overlap of dysgraphia to include in clinical reasoning
Who Can Benefit?

Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Educators, Psychologists, Social Work professionals, Parents


“Thank you, Maude, for a very informative and thorough course on ADHD and Executive Functioning. As a parent of kids with ADD and / or Executive Functioning challenges, it has been invaluable. My understanding of working memory, attention and executive functioning and their inter-dependence has improved by leaps and bounds. I have no doubt that all the professionals involved in the webinar will be enhancing greatly the quality of therapy their clients will be receiving. And I know what questions to ask of them and understand better why certain therapies are employed.”

Samantha Stephen USA

Maude is fantastic; she’s very experienced, knowledgeable and great at sharing her knowledge and teaching. Her course was very well presented, full of interesting information. I learnt so much!

Patricia Hart, South Africa

Maude le Roux is an absolutely amazing teacher. I learn so much more than I ever anticipated I would, during every course that I take with her! Thank you Maude, for the huge effort you put into preparing and presenting your wonderful courses.

Karen Lund, NZ

Course Fees & Closing Dates

**UTAP funding approved: Course Code C11901408

  1. UTAP funding is only applicable to NTUC union members who will enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support, capped at $250 or $500 (aged 40 years old and above; this will apply from 9 January 2024 to 31 March 2025) each year when they sign up for courses supported under UTAP. This excludes SkillsFuture Credit utilisation and other government subsidies.
  2. Union Members Eligibility for UTAP Application (https://www.ntuc.org.sg/skillsupgrade)
    1. Union member must commence the course within UTAP approved period.
    2. Union member must achieve minimum attendance (75%) for the course based on existing Government regulations and sit for all prescribed examination(s) if any.
    3. Union member must submit claims via UTAP system within 6 months after course completion.
    4. Union member must not claim full funding through company sponsorship or other types of funding.
    5. Union member must have paid-up union membership before course commencement, throughout the entire course duration and at the point of claim.
  3. Should trainees have queries on the UTAP funding scheme, they can email to UTAP@e2i.com.sg or use the Live Chat function to enquire on membership matters
Registration Type Closing Date Fees (S$) / pax
27 Mar 2024 300
Normal Till Full 350