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Full-Day Workshop

Seminar: Building Effective Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functions are those elusive skills that we expect every student to have, yet we do not have a focused curriculum to “teach” it. It is supposed to be ready to apply to academics by the age of 4, yet many students struggle to become organized, to have efficient study ethics as well as the ability to inhibit their frustration to continue their work task. This two-day workshop will explain the different executive functions we need to thrive in the classrooms, our workplace as well as our social and recreational abilities. We will include the influence of early childhood development and its’ impact on learning and executive efficiency. Assessment of executive functions will include a questionnaire tool that supports assessment. Activities and techniques are included to support adaptive functioning in classrooms as well as in social circumstances. This workshop will be interesting for any age group, multiple different diagnostic categories and the practical nature of information will leave the workshop participant feeling equipped and ready to apply the very next day.

Dates:28 and 29 Nov 2024 (Thu and Fri)
Time:9.00am - 5.00pm (Singapore Standard Time GMT+0800)
Venue:Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium.
317 Outram Road
Singapore 169075
Speaker: Maude Le Roux, OTR/L, SIPT, Expert DIR/Floortime Trainer

Maude Le Roux, OTR/L, is an international trainer with regards to a variety of different courses. She is an accomplished occupational therapist with great affinity for learning and understanding the human brain. She was born and raised in South Africa and graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town in 1984. Maude specializes in Sensory Integration services as it applies to functional activities of daily living, including improving the ability of children / students of all ages to partake in his/her learning environment.

She is well known for her experience and work with children who carry a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum, Attachment, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Dyslexia/ Learning Disabilities. Maude is a mentor to many therapists, including OT and DIR professionals internationally. Maude has presented at conferences in a variety of settings across the US and has an extensive international following. She has co-authored the book, The Listening Journey, with Francoise Nicoloff, and her second book, Our Greatest Allies, is available on Amazon.com.

Course Outline

Day 1:

9.00 to 10.30amOverview of Executive Functioning Skills
10.30 to 11.00amBreak
11.00 to 12.30amSkillset 1: Organization and Planning
(Definition and strategies)
12.30 to 13.30pmLunch
13.30 to 15.30pmSkillset 2: Attention and Working Memory
(Definition and strategies)
15.30 to 15.45pmBreak
15.45 to 17. 00pmSkillset 3: Emotional Regulation
(Definition and strategies)

Day 2:

9.00 to 10.30amMath and Reading Skills
(Strategies included)
10.30 to 11.00amMorning Break
11.00 to 12.30pmSocial Skills
(Strategies included)
12.30 to 13.30pmLunch
13.30 to 15.30pmAssessment and Developmental Hierarchy
(Includes activities and strategies)
15.30 to 15.45pmBreak
15.45 to 17.00pmDevelopmental Hierarchy continued
(Includes activities and strategies)
Course Objectives

The workshop participants will be able to:

  1. Describe and intervene with at least 10 different executive functioning skills that could potentially inhibit the students from achieving their optimal learning potential.
  2. Be equipped to identify strengths and weaknesses in students and be able to target collective profiles in group activities
  3. Identify 7 steps of a developmental hierarchy that would support student readiness to apply themselves to learning
  4. Practically apply 10 to 20 activities that would support student’s ability to learn, while also supporting the curriculum within a fun, and engaging learning environment
  5. Be empowered in their intervention to achieve their goals in enabling students to learn
Who should attend this workshop?
  • If you are a therapist supporting students in developing the skills to attend in the classroom, participate in academics and thrive in social capability
  • If you are teacher needing support in understanding and supporting students in your classroom to be effective in applying themselves to the learning environment
  • If you are a psychologist supporting students through assessment and needing to “connect the dots” to bridge test results into effective strategy suggestions
  • If you are a caseworker or student advocate that needs to know more how to best support the educational team in assessment and strategies
Who Can Benefit?

Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists, Educators

Course Fees & Closing Dates


Registration Type Closing Date Fees (S$) / pax
27 Sep 2024 850
Normal Till Full 930